Friday, August 21, 2009


Overheard at blanchards

Keep in mind i have made this conversation less annoying, but cutting out some of the whining. as a visual refrence Baby Dyke 1 & 2 had ball caps one, #2 had it turned a little to the side. Bady dyke #3 ran to get beer after the initial greeting.

Baby dyke 1 (stands in line)

Baby dyke 2 & 3 (walk into blanchards)

BD 1: I don’t want to go to the midway tonight

BD 2: why cus its gross?

BD 1 : I went the whole fucking time last week and sumi didn’t even show up. Anyway I’m dating someone. Sumi is a hater. I’m going to another bar with Joe, he brought me lemon cupcakes from work. I cant go to the midway, I mean I can drive drunk, my girlfriend doesn’t live that far away.


after this conversation i wondered how sumi's porno project was going. i love jp.